Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New Release: Winzero TakeControl

Winzero new product release: TakeControl allows administrators to gain administrative access to files, folders and shares without destroying the original permissions by appending the Administrators group SID to ACLs.

The Challenge
To gain access to files and folders, Administrators can take ownership and grant full access control permissions and rights to themselves if they want to modify, rename or delete these files or folders. During this process the original permissions are removed and must be reconstructed to maintain security.

The Solution
Grant Administrators full control to files, folders or shares without taking ownership or destroying the original permission using Winzero TakeControl.

Avoid Take Ownership

Using standard Windows functions, if you must access a file or a folder that you do not have rights to, you must take ownership of that file or folder. When you do this, you replace the security permissions that were originally created for the file or folder.

Winzero TakeControl uses an append process to add the Administrators group with full control to each folder ACL and file ACL. without changing the original NTFS permission.

Download a fully functional trial version or learn more how TakeControl can help with profile migration and server migration projects.

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